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The alt-right conspiracy to give Amy Schumer’s new Netflix special a low rating.

By Mike,

Amy Schumer, age 35, rallied against the alt-right on Instagram yesterday and accused them of a concerted effort to give her new Netflix special a poor rating:

“The alt right organized trolls attack everything I do.”

-Amy Schumer

This defense worked for Leslie Jones back when Milo Yiannopoulos was the scourge of the Twittersphere, but it doesn’t apply here and now. There’s only one person to blame for her failure and that person is Amy Schumer. She just wasn’t feeling it that night. She mumbled a lot. The audience, enthusiastic at first, became bored after the first few drunken slut jokes. Her outfit was distracting but not in a sexy way. Her timing was consistently off. Possibly hungover. Amy made a name for herself for not giving a shit that she was a bit fat, but her recent enormous weight gain has destroyed her confidence and it shows.

Listen carefully to the trailer for “Leather Special” and you will notice it is heavily edited and over produced. Whoever spliced this together so as to make her sound sort of funny is a miracle worker and deserves an emmy for turd polishing:



“She looks like Dante Nero!”

-Mike David

Ms. Schumer used to be funnier and prettier, but all that Trainwreck money has gone straight to her head and thighs. If you watch her earlier work you’ll notice half her jokes were about being a chubby lush, and the other half were pot shots at vulnerable groups such as minorities, immigrants, the disabled, etc. Very edgy and very funny stuff. She was an unapologetic risk taker. In this video from 2013 she’s in complete control the whole time. No comparison to her new stuff:



The types of jokes and style of humor that made her famous are frowned upon by her new Hollywood SJW friends. Has losing the better half of her material driven her to plagiarism?



Amy, your schtick is played out. It’s not cool to be a preachy perennial Trainwreck. Get help.