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Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless from Canakit review, 5 Stars

By Mike,

I was watching this video, and quite enjoying it, and then the presenter whipped out a familiar looking yellow box. It was the same particular shade of yellow that Canakit uses on it’s packaging. I recognized it immediately! I love this company! Canakit has supplied me with endless hours of enjoyment. My first purchase from them was an Arduino years ago, then I bought a Raspberry Pi, then a Pi 2 with the Ultimate Starter Kit which included a breadboard, case, mini hdmi to hdmi cable, a bunch of resistors, leds, wires, power supply, and a terrific little usb Wireless N card. That tiny little Fritz!WLAN wireless card impressed me so much I’m going to have to do a separate review just for that.

If you need or want a Pi don’t buy the $10 version. For $10 all you get is the Pi. For $34.95 you get:


  • Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless Board
  • Official Raspberry Pi Zero Case
  • 8 GB Class 10 MicroSD Card
  • 1A Power Supply
  • USB OTG Cable (either white or black)
  • Mini HDMI Adapter (either white or black

Worth every penny!